Planning applications, both current and historic, may be examined at the website of South Lakeland District Council. The following links will be found useful.

To examine Planning Applications recently received by SLDC and which are still in various stages of being processed,CLICK HERE.

To examine Planning Applications which have completed their processing cycle and on which a decision by the Planning Committee has in the past been recorded, CLICK HERE. The page will provide you with various methods, including a search facility, by which to locate the Planning Application of interest.

To comment on a current Planning Application, CLICK HERE.

To examine the papers provided to the Planning Committee for a particular Planning Meeting, as a start CLICK HERE. Then in the left column click on CALENDAR OF MEETINGS. Find the month of interest to you and on the calendar provided, the date on which the Planning Committee will or did meet. Click on PLANNING COMMITTEE. This will provide the list of documents which the Planning Committee were provided with. The detail of a specific Planning Application within that suite of papers will be found in the document identified as the Meeting Schedule. It should be noted that these papers only become available to the Planning Committe, and therefore accessible on the web site, one week before each Planning Meeting.

To identify District Councillors who are members of the Planning Committee, CLICK HERE.

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